About Us

"We Are Small Company That Does BIG Things"

ROC Realty Group is a full service real estate advisory firm, providing strategic planning and asset management services for commercial, government-controlled, and residential projects.

Established in 1989, our firm has years of experience providing advisory services for large mainstream real estate projects, as well as those challenging urban properties requiring innovative financing and community-sensitive solutions.

Overseeing each phase of our clients' real estate business activities, we are extremely accessible, responsive and resourceful, ensuring the prompt delivery of effective real estate solutions.


Our Mission Statement


The ROC Realty Group will provide exceptional professional services to our clients and customers on a Local, Regional, and National level. We will create and maintain with our staff, our associates, our partners and other stakeholders an atmosphere that fosters strong mutual trust and a shared sense of deep commitment to the accomplishment of our goals and objectives. We will be a resources and a benefit to the communities that we serve.


We Support:

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